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Birthday Party Photo
Photo by Meg Calton

Capturing Birthday Party Moments

Kid birthdays are always tons of fun, and they always involve picture taking! If someone you know has a birthday coming up, here are some great tips for taking pictures at a birthday party.

Image and tips courtesy of Snap Happy Mom

1. Don’t try to be mom, party planner, AND photographer.

You can’t fulfill all three roles at the same time! Trying to be party planner, mom, AND photographer will pull your attention in three different directions, and you’ll just end up exhausted and frustrated with your efforts in all three roles.

If you’re the parent of the birthday child, I’d highly suggest you find yourself a photographer. Ask a talented friend to take pictures during the event (and pass on this link so they know what you’re looking for!). If you don’t have a friend available, consider hiring a local photographer. They would love the opportunity, and you will thank yourself for it later. Not only will it make your day much less stressful, but you’ll be in the pictures of your child’s special day.

2. Plan Ahead

The photographer and the mom need to be on the same page about schedule and expectations. When and where are key events taking place? The answers to this question influence the order of pictures you take: for instance, it’s a good idea to get a shot of a one-year-old in his cute outfit BEFORE he does a cake smash! Or, if there is going to be a water fight, you want to make sure to get a group shot before someone gets soaked.

Make sure you get a beauty shot of the cake before anyone cuts into it! Knowing this basic order of events allows the photographer to plan their time and ensures no one misses anything.

3. Record the details – mom will appreciate it.

In the world of pinterest-enabled-party-planning, many moms put a lot of effort into the details of a party: decorations, food, invitations, favors, etc. These details make the party special and unique, so record them!

Not only do the details shots tell the story of what it was like to be at the event, but they provide lots of validation for mom. And any mom that is throwing a party for small children deserves that credit! Many of the details shots can be taken before the guests arrive, especially the decor and food table.

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