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Phoneography Courses
Photo by Kristina Smith

Best Online Courses for Taking Pictures with your Phone

Gone are the days of fuzzy pictures and tiny little files that you can’t enlarge – smart phone cameras have come a long way, and have for many (myself included) replaced point and shoots altogether.

by Kristina Smith

If you use your phone to take photos of your kids, and want to learn how to take even better shots, a online “phoneography” (yes, its a thing!) course might be for you. Here are my recommendations.

A Mom’s Guide to Better Photos
Meg over at SnapHappyMom offers a course specifically for moms who are frustrated with the photos they’re taking or overwhelmed with complicated photography tutorials. She specializes in teaching the basics of photography to busy moms, making it feel easy and fun with just a few simple lessons.

Photography 101 for Moms
Jules Bianchi and Joy Bianchi Brown are synergistic sisters who run a successful boutique photography studio in Oakland, California, and travel worldwide to photograph some of the world’s most gorgeous weddings and families. Their 3-hour workshop is perfect for anyone looking to understand the basics of photography, to gain both creative and technical confidence no matter what kind of camera you own.

The Inspired Home
Kristin Rogers’ online iphone photography class is based around teaching moms like us how to capture the beauty of everyday life using nothing more than our iPhones. Kristin believes the home can be an endless source of inspiration when viewed with a fresh perspective and creative lens, a “treasure trove of magic to capture.”

The Foundations of iPhoneography
Also over at The Define School, Audrey Blake Breheney teaches how to capture better photos with your phone, edit them with apps, and then better organize those images both in and out of your device. Written from the perspective of a successful photographer and mother, this is the perfect class for anyone who wants to turn their iPhone images into works of art.